welcome to Anson B. Nixon Park


The new dog park at Anson B. Nixon Park is almost done! If you follow the trail away away from the lower playground (located on the same side as the basketball courts),  cross over a little foot bridge, and there you will see the new dog park!  There are still a few tweaks to be made but feel free to check it out and let us know what you and your furry friends think.  Remember to obey the rules, keep your pet leashed before and after the use of the dog park, and be responsible pet owners so everyone (people and pets) can enjoy the new dog park!   Dog Park pictures Anson B. Nixon Park

Say hello to our new logo....

HOW THIS LOGO CAME TO BE......Back in 2017 we surveyed the park community as to what maks the Anson B. Nixon Park so special and the top elements that came up most was Trails/Fitness, Ponds, Trees,  and Pavilions/Stage.  Notice how each of the four elements are incorporated into the logo

  • TREES - Forest,  preservation, habitate for wildlife, nature

  • BLUE - Represents the Ponds and fishing

  • BROWN SWOOSH - Represents the trails for excercising and to enjoy the tranquil natural environment

  • PAVILION/STAGE - This is the core of the park, a place to come together for community entertainment and and engagement.  

We hope you enjoy the new look at much as we do.  Look for new signage and marketing to incorporate the new logo in the future.  

Located on North Walnut Street, just off State Street, Anson B. Nixon Park is a hidden gem nestled just north of charming downtown Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Comprised of 106 acres, the Park was carved out of the historic woodlands of the late 18th through early 20th century Chambers estate. This natural setting includes two ponds, meandering streams, woodlands including a beech grove with specimens dating back over 250 years, and three miles of walking trails.

Anson B. Nixon Park has many exciting events including the Trout Rodeo, the Kennett Run, disc golf tournaments, and a summer concert series. Other events open to the public include the Kennett Run, Rock the Park Fundraiser and Sky Tours.   The park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year.