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Anson B. Nixon Park Information


The Park is open sunrise to sunset daily.


The Anson B. Nixon Park is located on 106 acres extending from the Borough of Kennett Square into Kennett Township. The main entrance can be accessed from the northeast quadrant of the Borough on N. Walnut Street.

Directions: When entering the Borough on State Street, turn right at the bottom of Miller's Hill (across from Palita's Automotive and just before the YMCA) onto N. Walnut Street. Proceed approximately 1/4 mile and turn left into the park. A map of the park is located in the kiosk in the parking lot. There also access points also from Leslie Street (behind the KAU Field), North Broad Street, and State Street.

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General Rules and Regulations 

  1. The Park shall be opened from dawn to dusk.

  2. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited, except by special permit, which also requires having a Park security officer in place for an added fee ( $50 per hour) of the event, excluding set-up and break-down time.

  3. Possession and/or use of controlled substances is strictly prohibited. The illegal material is subject to confiscation and the proper authorities will be notified.

  4. Disorderly conduct, such as intoxication, indecent language, harassment, indecent exposure, or excessive noise (as defined by Kennett Square Borough ordinance) is not permitted.

  5. Additional requirements may exist for certain types of Events- See Hosting a Special Event and Special Activities Agreement Request Form.

  6. Littering, dumping or disposing of trash or refuse of any kind in the Park, except in designated refuse containers, is prohibited. Violation of this rule is subject to a $300 fine for each and every offense.

  7. Injuring, defacing, removing, cutting, or damaging any structure, sign, fixture, tree, shrub, or flowering plant in the Park is prohibited. Metal detecting is not permitted.

  8. Injuring, defacing, or destroying any notice, rule, or regulation posted in the Park is prohibited. No notices or placards may be posted within the Park without permission from the Park Authority.

  9. Removing or relocating any bench, seat, table or grill without permission from the Park Authority is not permitted.

  10. Fires are permitted only in grills in the picnic areas.

  11. The possession or use of fireworks in the Park is prohibited.

  12. Motorized vehicles must be licensed and are restricted to parking lots and paved roadways leading to them. Delivery of equipment to pavilions must be pre-arranged with Park Authority staff. All vehicles must then be parked in a designated Parking area for the duration of the event. No parking at pavilions.

  13. No sound amplification equipment is allowed in the Park without the consent of the Park Authority. When permission is granted to use amplified sound equipment, the sound volume should not create an annoyance for other Park users or the surrounding community. The Kennett Square Noise Control Ordinance will used as a guide for acceptable sound levels.

  14. Solicitation of any kind within the Park, without written permission from the Park Authority, is not permitted.

  15. Hunting, trapping, shooting, capturing, or injuring any animal in the Park is strictly forbidden. Fishing in the ponds is permitted at the person's own risk. A PA fishing license is required for persons 16 years or older.

  16. Use of any firearm within the Park is strictly prohibited except for deer hunting as authorized by KAPA. Possession or use of a bow-and-arrow or other non-firearm harmful weapon within the Park is strictly prohibited except for deer hunting as authorized by KAPA. (revised 7/10)

  17. Swimming, ice-skating and boating are not permitted.

  18. All pets in the Park shall be leashed at all times in accordance with Borough and Township ordinances. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in trash cans.

  19. Skateboarding is not permitted.

  20. Metal detectors themselves are not prohibited in the Park; however, destroying, altering or disrupting park property is prohibited. This includes the digging of soil.

Any use of the Park that requires reservation of Park equipment or waiving of standard Park rules necessitates a permit, which may be obtained by writing:

Kennett Area Park Authority

P.O. Box 1121

Kennett Square, PA 19348

Or by calling: 610-444-1416
 (leave a message)
Or by emailing:

All permit requests must be received at least one week prior to the proposed use.

Effective January 2, 2007, revised: April 2012, by order of the Kennett Area Park Authority.

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